• If you are a victim of domestic violence and abuse, and there is an emergency ongoing, or your life is in danger, dial the emergency telephone number of the country you are in – list of phone numbers.
  • Connect with your national domestic violence hotline.

The hotlines usually provide victims of domestic violence access to consulting, emotional support, and assistance in the decision-making process. They can also direct victims to other services across the country. Consultations are typically conducted under conditions of anonymity and confidentiality – list of phone numbers for Europe, rest of the world.

The survivors of domestic violence, who took part in this project, are saying:

I am lucky! Why? Because I survived … because I breathe today and because I LIVE my life. Do not wait for yours to end, start your life now, immediately, without postponing until the next time. You deserve to be happy and feel free!

Do not be silent, do not hide what is happening to you, give the pain a voice, so that everyone can hear, do not be ashamed, you are not to blame!

Do not believe him when he says that he cannot live without you and that only you can help him. Calmly accept reality, take action and do not postpone seeking out help.

Call the hotline, make a security plan, or talk with your neighbors and ask them to report the next scandal to the police – whatever you feel ready for.

Over time things get worse, they cannot be fixed. Do not wait. Keep in mind that if you have been subjected to violence for a long time, you may not be able to judge clearly what is happening. You may have developed dependance and may underestimate the danger you are in.

Stop thinking about the past, let go of that which has ended. Embrace the new day! Let the abuser remain part of your story, not your destiny.

I know that you are scared, I know that the shame tears you apart. The physical pain and bruises drown your voice and stop your breath. But you are not alone. I was there. I know what it is like. Ask for help.